DC Council Votes to Recognize Same Sex Marriages Performed in Other States

The Washington, DC Council voted unanimously yesterday to recognize the marriages of same sex couples who married in states where same sex marriage is legal. Yesterday’s vote was preliminary and a final vote is expected on May 5, according to United Press International.

Councilmember David Catania pushed for an amendment to legislation already under consideration that would have recognized out of state same sex marriages as domestic partnerships in DC. The District currently recognizes domestic partnerships, but it is expected that legislation will be introduced soon to legalize same sex marriage in DC.

Catania told the Washington Post “I feel really heartened by this vote…I am obviously proud to be a part of the legislature of this city. I fully expect if we go forward, when we go forward, on marriage equality we will have a super-majority in support of it.”


Washington Post 4/8/09; United Press International 4/8/09

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