Death Threat Received By Plaintiff In Mitsubishi Case

A woman involved in the sexual harassment lawsuit against Mitsubishi Motors found a note attached to her locker yesterday saying, “Die B—-. You’ll be sorry!” The death threat is not the first act of intimidation surrounding the case. Ten days ago a fire destroyed the home of a U.S. official who is investigating the case. The female employees involved in the suit have asked Mitsubishi that they be provided with 24-hour protection. Yesterday a coalition of 10 congresswomen, lead by Patricia Schroeder (D-CO), wrote Mitsubishi a letter reminding them to treat the plaintiffs with dignity and respect because American women are watching. Mitsubishi has aggressively targeted women as potential car buyers in their advertising campaigns. If they lose the lawsuit, Mitsubishi could pay a settlement of up to $10 million, which the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says is the nation’s largest sexual harassment case ever.

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April 25, 1996


Reuters/ The Washington Post/ The New York Times - April 26, 1996

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