Defense Witnesses Say Salvi Heard Voices

In the abortion clinic murder trial of John Salvi, defense witness Dr. Phillip Resnick was cross-examined Monday. The psychiatrist acknowledged that Salvi only revealed some of his paranoid delusions after learning that his lawyers planned an insanity defense. Salvi did not bring up certain topics during two interviews with Resnick following the December 1994 attacks.

It was only on the day before the trail started that Salvi talked about a conspiracy to force birth control on Roman Catholics and said it was “justifiable” to kill people interfering with a currency system just for Catholics. Resnick acknowledged that Salvi never talked about justifiable homicide until the day before the trial.

The defense attempted to show that Salvi was insane with testimony from a friend who said Salvi heard voices when he read the Bible.


USA Today - March 5, 1996

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