Delaware Legislature to Lift Time Limit for Sexual Abuse Victims

Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner will soon sign a bill eliminating a two-year civil statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases. The bill, which is described as the strongest of its kind in the nation, passed through the Delaware House and Senate last month on a unanimous vote, reports The News Journal, a Wilmington newspaper.

Because it can often take years for victims of sexual abuse to press charges, the bill will also provide a two-year period for victims to renew claims that were previously barred by the time limit. ‘Our children are very lucky to be protected,’ Minner told The News Journal. ‘Some states have practically no law at all.’

California was the first state to pass this type of bill in 2002. Approximately a dozen other states have considered pursuing similar legislation, and an initiative in Washington, D.C. looks likely to pass.

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The News Journal 6/20/07; Coalition to Pass Senate Bill 29 7/9/07

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