Democrat Lois Capps Wins House Seat

Democrat Lois Capps was elected to the House of Representatives in a bid for her late husband’s seat against Republican Tom Bordonaro. At 3 a.m., Capps had 66,424 votes and Bordonaro had 54,635, with 257 out of 356 precincts reporting.

Capps won despite a vicious campaign initiated by extreme anti-abortion groups. The Campaign for Working Families, led by conservative Gary Bauer, spent $200,000 on TV ads supporting Bordonaro and calling attention to Capps’ pro-choice views. The Christian Coalition and the Catholic Alliance handed out flyers and “voter guides” in churches the Sunday before the election.

Bordonaro, a California State Assemblyman, has vowed to compete against Capps in the November elections. “I will be going up against Congresswoman Capps, not the widow Capps,” said Bordonaro.


Reuters - March 11, 1998

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