Democrat Wins First Wisconsin Recall Vote

Democrat Dave Hansen won in the first of nine recall elections in Wisconsin this week, easily defending his seat in the state Senate from a Republican challenger. Hansen garnered 66 percent of the vote to defeat David Vanderleest.

Hansen was one of three Democrats facing a recall effort after fleeing the state for nearly a month earlier this year to delay a vote on a controversial anti-union bill backed by GOP Governor Scott Walker. Two other Democrats and six Republicans are slated for recall votes next month. If Democrats win two more in the state senate, they will hold the majority.

“Obviously, we are preparing for what will be the largest get-out-of-the-vote operation since Barack Obama was elected,” said Mike Tate, chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “We live in a state where both bases are very, very engaged and energized.”


Reuters/Huffington Post, 7/19/2011; Green Bay Press Gazette, 7/20/2011

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