Democrats beat “Fake Democrats” in Wisconsin Primaries

On Tuesday, Democrats won all six of their primaries in Wisconsin’s recall elections after facing an unusual challenge from party-switching Republicans. The Republicans ran so-called “Fake Democrats” in order to force a primary, delaying the recall vote by a month and giving their real candidates more time to appeal to constituents. Five of the six primaries were won by women candidates.

“The voters of Wisconsin have rejected the Republicans’ dirty tricks, despite their best efforts to turn out voters in these primaries for fake candidates,” said state Democratic Party spokeswoman Gillian Morris.

The recall bids grew out of this spring’s bitter fight over an anti-union law backed by Republican Governor Scott Walker. Opponents of the law are targeting six Republican state senators who voted for it; the Republicans are trying to unseat three Democrats who fought against it. If Democrats gain three seats, they will win control of the Senate and greatly improve their chance of thwarting further Walker initiatives. The election will be held August 9.


Huffington Post 7/12/2011; Associated Press 7/14/2011

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