Denver Allows Anti-Abortion Groups to Apply for Protest Permits

Denver city officials announced on Wednesday that anti-abortion groups planning to protest the Democratic National Committee convention this summer can apply for permits beginning March 3. Several anti-abortion extremist groups threatened to sue the city in November over claims that the delays in permitting violated free speech rights.

The city cut 14 parks during the convention from those available for special permits during the Convention because security issues have yet to be finalized with Denver and the Secret Service. Denver city attorney David Fine said that the goal was to streamline the permitting process for protesters who want to demonstrate during the Democratic National Convention Aug. 25-28, according to Rocky Mountain News.

The anti-abortion groups have dropped their threat to sue for now. The groups involved in the threat included extremist group Operation Rescue, which circulated the citizen petitions that resulted in a Kansas grand jury investigation into Dr. George Tiller.


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