Department of Veteran Affairs Announces Programs to Meet Needs of Women Veterans

Over 400,000 female veterans will receive letters from the Department of Veteran Affairs which outline programs specifically designed to meet the women’s needs. The letter includes information on sexual trauma counseling now available for the veterans. In 1992, Congress passed legislation which authorized the Department to provide counseling specific to overcoming psychological trauma resulting from sexual assault, harassment and assault incurred while on active duty. In citing the need for the mailing and the services, Veteran Affairs Secretary Jesse Brown said, “Some women veterans who are the victims of sexual assault have come to VA for counseling and treatment, but we know there are many more who are reluctant to come forward for help _ a common reaction to sexual trauma. I want women veterans to know that there is help available. VA staff can help them cope with the long-lasting effects of sexual trauma and improve the quality of their lives.”

Women veterans who need further information can call VA’s national toll-free number, 1-800-827-1000 or can visit their Web site.


PRNewswire - February 3, 1997

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