Deportation of Nigerian Woman From Belgium Delayed Due to Activist Pressure

Semira Adamu, a Nigerian woman who sought refuge in Belgium to avoid being forced to marry a 65-year-old Nigerian polygamist against her will, has won temporary reprieve.

Adamu was expected to be forcibly deported to Africa over two weeks ago on SEBENA Airlines, but the airline declined to perform the transport “for reasons of security.” This was announced shortly after the Semira Adamu Support Committee announced its intention to dissuade SEBENA employees from collaborating in Adamu’s expulsion.

Concerned individuals formed the Semira Adamu Support Committee which has contacted her in the Belgian prison camp where she is now being held. Unable to receive guests, Adamu spoke to the Committee through the window of an armored vehicle. The Committee can be contacted at kesako@infonie.be.


Semira Adamu Support Committee - June 29, 1998

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