DHHS Sued for Failure to Provide Information on Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is suing the Department of Health and Human Services for failing to respond to a request for information regarding its policy of using federal funds to support so-called crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs). CREW requested the information in August under the Freedom of Information Act after some CPCs were found to provide false and misleading information about abortion to pregnant teenagers.

Millions of dollars earmarked for federal and state funded abstinence-only education is being given to CPCs each year, according to the lawsuit. These pro-life centers often misrepresent themselves, failing to advertise that they are anti-abortion and attracting women who want full information about all their reproductive choices, including abortion. Often, CPCs use shame and scare tactics to deter women from choosing abortion, according to a report released by Legal Momentum.


CREW lawsuit 10/26/06, release 10/26/06; Legal Momentum report; Feministing 11/3/06

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