Dina Titus Wins Nevada Gubernatorial Primary

State senator Dina Titus won Nevada’s Democratic primary for governor on Wednesday against conservative Democrat James Gibson. If Titus wins the general election this November, she will be the first female governor in Nevada’s history.

Titus won the primary with 53 percent of the vote, solidly beating her opponent, who garnered only 36 percent of Nevada’s Democratic voters. Titus was able to gather significant support across the state in both rural and urban areas. As part of her campaign, she constantly questioned whether Gibson supported women’s right to choose. Titus’ status as a woman candidate for a traditional male-held position has gathered support for her candidacy across the state. “I’ll tell you, women are ready [for a woman governor],” said one Nevadan woman, according to the Nevada Appeal.

“The people of Nevada want change, and my campaign is all about change,” Titus said, in a release declaring victory. “…We have shown that together we can defy conventional wisdom and change the political landscape of Nevada. Let’s do it again. It’s time.”


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