District Court Says Abortion Doctor’s Rights Were Violated

A U.S. District Judge ruled last week that abortion provider Dr. Leroy Carhart was fired from the University of Nebraska Medical Center because of “his involvement in a controversial abortion lawsuit.” Carhart was involved in the most recent U.S. Supreme Court case on abortion rights, in which the Court declared Nebraska’s abortion procedure ban unconstitutional. Carhart filed a request for an injunction after he was fired from his post as a volunteer faculty member at the University of Nebraska.

“The court’s decision indicates that the University’s termination of Dr. Carhart was illegitmate, based on political opposition to abortion,” said Sherrie L. Russell-Brown, CRLP staff attorney and lead counsel in the case. Russell-Brown also argued that the decision “sends an important message to state officials around the country that they cannot stigmatize abortion providers.” District Judge Warren Urbom denied Carhart’s request for reinstatement, but said that the case showed merit and would likely succeed in further suits.


Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report Ð April 23, 2001 and Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, Press Release Ð April 19, 2001

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