Dixie Chicks Get Ready to Rock the Vote

Music artists the Dixie Chicks last week announced the launch of their new partnership with the non-partisan organization Rock the Vote. The Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote! campaign-part of a broad strategy by to get young people ages 18-24 registered to vote-will feature the music group in public service announcements, and their $100,000 contribution will be used to establish a voter literacy section on the Rock the Vote website. In addition, Rock the Vote organizers will help gather peer voter registrations at Dixie Chicks concerts.

In the last presidential election, only 36% of young people voted, according to the Dixie Chicks’ press release. Through the new campaign, the Chicks aim not only to boost voter turnout but educate the young masses as well. “We are involved with Rock the Vote because it’s a great avenue for bringing awareness to the issues and getting people to vote. We invite other artists to join us in this cause,” the Chicks stated at the press conference.

Rock the Vote’s executive director Jehmu Greene promised “Chicks Rock, Chicks Vote is going to get young women registered to vote like never before. The Dixie Chicks are enormously popular with young women and they’re perfect partners for Rock the Vote’s campaign.” The group hopes to register 100,000 young voters before the next election, using the Rock the Vote’s website.

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