DNA Evidence Found in Slepian Investigation

DNA from a strand of hair found near the home of murdered obstetrician-gynecologist and abortion provider Dr. Barnett Slepian closely matches the DNA found in another strand of hair from a former home of 44-year-old anti-abortion protester James C. Kopp.

Technicians will conduct further tests to verify that the two strands both came from Kopp. Police issued a material-witness arrest warrant for Kopp last fall after witnesses said that his car was seen in the Amherst, NY area around Dr. Slepian’s home in the weeks prior to his murder. The car was later found abandoned in a long-term parking lot at Newark, N.J. International Airport.

FBI officials have evidence that a female friend drove Kopp to Mexico after the shooting, and have asked Mexican authorities to join them in their search.


AP - January 22, 1999

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