DNA Evidence Links Man to 17 NYC-Area Rapes

Police believe they have found the man who raped and/or robbed as many as 51 women in the New York City metropolitan area since 1993.

Officials first discovered a pattern to this series of attacks in 1997, and DNA evidence soon proved their theory. The attacks took place after midnight and were committed by a masked man carrying a handgun. Police arrested Jones at a pawn shop after he and his girlfriend attempted to sell a piece of jewelry stolen in a February 14 rape and robbery.

DNA evidence has linked 34-year-old Isaac Jones to 17 different attacks. Jones admitted to raping four women during police questioning on Tuesday and was charged with four counts of rape as well as burglary, robbery, menacing, and possession of stolen property and stolen weapons.

Police hope to eventually charge Jones in other attacks using their DNA evidence.


New York Times - April 9, 1999

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