Doctor Carhart Loses Federal Protection

The US Department of Justice has withdrawn the federal marshals charged with protecting Leroy Carhart, MD, one of the few physicians in the country who provides late abortions. According to RH Reality Check, federal marshals left Carhart’s Nebraska clinic two weeks ago, despite new campaigns targeting Dr. Carhart by anti-choice groups including Operation Rescue.

Kansas NOW State Coordinator Marla Patrick said, “It is unconscionable that with the recent assassination of Dr. Tiller, and the numerous threats against abortion providers and their clinics, that the DOJ would remove Dr. Carhart’s protection.” Kansas NOW is urging US Attorney General Eric Holder to reinstate federal marshal protection to Dr. Carhart’s clinic, reports RH Reality Check.

Dr. Carhart was a close friend of Dr. George Tiller, who was murdered May 31st at his church in Wichita, KS. Dr. Tiller was one of the few late abortion providers in the country. Before Tiller’s assassination, Dr. Carhart provided late abortions at Tiller’s clinic, Women’s Health Care Services.


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