DOJ Moves to Dismiss Contraception Coverage Lawsuit

The Justice Department filed court papers on Monday asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act’’s requirement that healthcare plans include contraception coverage. The lawsuit, brought by several states, challenges the Obama Administration’s rule that only “houses of worship” will not be required to cover birth control without co-pays or deductibles. Religiously affiliated schools, hospitals and organizations will be required to comply with the rule. Shortly after the announcement of the rule, the President declared that the requirement would be shifted to the insurance companies themselves in the event that a religiously affiliated institution objects.

The lawsuit, filed by the attorney general from Nebraska along with the attorneys general from Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas, argues that religiously affiliated employees will be forced to drop insurance coverage because of the rule. In its request for dismissal, the Justice Department said that the plaintiffs have failed to demonstrate that they “face an immediate threat of having to offer the coverage” because the rule will not go in effect until next year.

Associated Press 5/1/12; Feminist Daily News Wire 2/10/12

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