Domestic Violence Affects Two-Thirds of Welfare Recipients

A study conducted by the McCormack Institute and the Center for Survey Research has found that two-thirds of welfare recipients have been victims of domestic violence. Approximately one fifth of welfare recipients have been victims of domestic violence within the past twelve months. Seven hundred thirty-four women participated in the first scientific study of its kind conducted in the United States at the Department of Assistance in Massachusetts. The director of the study, Dr. Mary Ann Allard commented, “Domestic violence is more the rule than the exception in the lives of TAFDC recipients in Massachusetts. Our data confirm what has long been described anecdotally. We now have overwhelming evidence that the issue of domestic violence will be hard to ignore in discussions of welfare reform at the state and federal level.” The study also found that over 80% of the women had worked at a full-time job and over 90% wanted to work, be in training or attending school.


Press Release - February 24, 1997

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