Domestic Violence Cases No Longer Prosecuted in Topeka, KA

On September 8, the Shawnee County District Attorney’s Office in Topeka, Kansas announced that it would no longer be prosecuting domestic violence cases. Prosecutors for the county told city officials that they will no longer be prosecuting any misdemeanor cases, including domestic violence, in an effort to cope with a 10 percent budget cut. The city is now considering repealing its domestic violence ordinance, in an attempt to force the county to resume the prosecution of domestic violence cases. Supporters of domestic violence victims are outraged over the decision, fearing that victims will be left without a voice in the justice system. “The city of Topeka just said domestic violence is legal and you can beat your wife,” said Claudine Dombrowski, a domestic violence advocate and survivor.

According to the Topeka Capitol- Journal Topeka City Council members are expected to meet next week to consider the proposed changes.


Fox 4 WDAF 9/29/11; Topeka Capitol Journal 10/4/11

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