Duke U. Announces Anti-Sweatshop Code of Conduct

Duke University officials announced the university’s adoption of a code of conduct guaranteeing that sports clothing and any products bearing Duke’s name would not be made in sweatshops. The code will require companies with licenses to produce the gear to allow monitoring of factories and publication of the results. The code also includes health and safety codes, pro-union codes, and protections against child labor.

The code of conduct will be enforced by Duke University, its domestic licensing agent, Collegiate Licensing Co., its international agent, Crossland Enterprises and the student group Students Against Sweatshops.

Jim Wilkerson, director of trademark licensing and stores operations, said, “Duke University is opposed to licensed Duke products being manufactured in sweatshop conditions, by forced labor, or under unsafe or abusive conditions.”

Feminists Stop Sweatshops


Nando.net - March 8, 1998

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