Duke University, Football Coach Sued for Title IX Violation

Duke University senior Heather Sue Mercer has filed suit against her University and the school’s football coach for Title IX violation. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 bans sex discrimination in federally-funded education, including school athletic programs. Mercer, who had hoped to become the first female kicker for a Division I football team, alleges that she was given only a “partial” tryout for the position and was allowed to practice only with other walk-on kickers.

Mercer was a walk-on kicker for Duke in 1994 and in April 1995 competed in the annual Blue-White intrasqaud game, kicking a 28-yard, game-winning field goal for her team. Mercer alleges that, despite her success, Coach Fred Goldsmith did not allow her to compete for a position on the team in subsequent seasons and reportedly asked Mercer why she was interested in football instead of beauty pageants.


UPI - September 17, 1997

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