Eden Foods Suing Obama Administration, Facing Boycott

Eden Foods, a popular supplier of organic food items, has filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The Michigan-based company says that the contraception clause of the Affordable Care Act violates religious freedom. In the words of Eden’s lawsuit, the clause “attacks and desecrates a foremost tenet of the Catholic Church” where the use of contraception is sinful. In the words of Michael Potter, the CEO of the company, “The government is just walking on the rights of companies and individuals who are trying to exercise their lives consistent with their conscience.” Potter wrote to the Huffington Post to say he did not intend to block health care access for his employees.

The lawsuit is inspiring activity on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, with many former fans vowing to boycott Eden’s products and encouraging their friends and followers to do the same. Some grocery stores that carry Eden Foods products are considering canceling their orders. Potter said the amount of negative feedback was “certainly alarming.” Although the majority of reactions have been negative, some customers have contacted the company to voice their support of the lawsuit.

Eden Foods joins a long list of companies suing the administration over the mandate. Other companies that have sued include Dominoes, Hobby Lobby, and more. Other companies, such as Universal Orlando, have said they will drop insurance coverage for their part-time employees so they do not have to comply with Obamacare.


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