Election 2010 Update: Nominal Gain for Women in Congress

Women Members of Congress will increase by 1 percent when the new Congress convenes in January. A total of 74 women, including three non-voting delegates, will join the new House of Representatives in January, an increase of one woman over the membership in the current House. This number could increase further as two House races with women candidates remain too close to call. The number of women elected to the Senate stands at 16 with incumbent Lisa Murkowski leading in the still undecided Alaska race. The current Senate includes 17 women. The two House races where women could still win are: Illinois 8 where Democratic incumbent Melissa Bean is running behind by a few hundred votes in an unofficial count; and NY 25 where Republican challenger Ann Marie Buerkle is currently behind by 694 votes.


Feminist Majority Foundation 11/11/10

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