Election 98: End of Impeachment?

After the Democratic party’s success in Tuesday’s election, House Republicans met Wednesday to discuss concluding impeachment proceedings against President Clinton.

House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt attributed Tuesday’s victory to the overzealousness of Republicans on the issue of impeachment. “This is a repudiation of trying to run a campaign without issues and their obsession with impeachment,” stated Gephardt.

Clinton avoided references to impeachment and focused on issues during his statements to the press. “If you look at the results, they’re clear and unambiguous: the American people want their business, their concerns, their children, their future addressed,” he said.

The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to begin meetings later this month. The panel’s chairman, Henry Hyde, denies the effect of the election on impeachment proceedings. “Our duty has not changed because the Constitution has not changed,” Hyde declared.


P - November 5, 1998

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