Election Results In for Kilroy and Carter

Mary Jo Kilroy (D), a candidate for the US House seat in Ohio’s 13th district, and Karen Carter (D), who took part in a run-off election this weekend for the US House seat in Louisiana’s 2nd district, both lost their close races. Kilroy, who challenged Republican, seven-term-incumbent Deborah Pryce in Ohio’s 13th district, learned this morning that election officials are confirming Pryce’s win by 1,062 votes after an automatic recount, the Associated Press reports. Kilroy, who campaigned against Pryce’s support of the Iraq war and Bush’s social security privatization plan and her close relationship with disgraced former Representative Mark Foley, has yet to concede the election, according to the AP.

Louisiana State Representative Karen Carter was defeated in a run-off election on Saturday by eight-term-incumbent Representative William Jefferson (D-LA), who is currently under investigation for alleged federal corruption. According to the National Ledger, Jefferson has been accused of accepting bribes from companies interested in contracts in Nigeria, and the FBI has reportedly found $90,000 in marked bills stashed in Jefferson’s freezer. Melanie Sloan, the executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), told the AP that Jefferson’s re-election will be “quite a headache for the Democrats,” particularly because one of Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi’s objectives is to eliminate governmental corruption.

Both Kilroy and Carter were supported by many women’s groups, including the Feminist Majority PAC.
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