Elle Magazine to Aid Afghan Women

French fashion magazine Elle will be priced at 14 francs ($2.34 in U.S. currency) instead of the usual 13 ($2.17) in order to help raise money for the women of Afghanistan.

In addition, Elle will donate one franc per issue, so a total of two francs will be donated for each magazine sold. French relief agency Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger) will be responsible for distributing the money in Afghanistan.

The Taliban militia group controls 85% of Afghanistan. Since gaining power, this repressive regime has placed Afghan women under virtual house arrest. The Taliban has decreed that women and girls can no longer attend school; women are banned from employment; women are not allowed to leave their homes unless accompanied by a husband, father, brother, or son; women who do leave their homes have to be covered from head to toe in a “burqa,” with only a mesh opening to see and breath through; the windows of homes with women occupants are required to be painted opaque so the women inside cannot be seen; women are prohibited from being treated by male doctors; and women are banned from wearing white socks and shoes that make noise as they walk.

Help Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan! Demonstrate Against UNOCAL!


Reuters - May 28, 1998

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