Employee Job Discrimination Suits Increase

While the federal government is cutting back on anti-discrimination efforts, employees are joining together to sue companies themselves for persistent discrimination. Federal lawsuits alleging discrimination have doubled in the past four years and now involve approximately 100,000 employees. These cases are coming before the courts as class actions and thus represent an entire class of employees, not just individual complainants. Recently, Texaco Inc. agreed to pay a $140 million settlement to employees who claimed race discrimination, and companies including State Farm, Shoney’s Inc. and Lucky Stores have had to pay a combined total in excess of $100 million for discriminatory practices. Pending cases include sex discrimination cases against Home Depot Inc., Publix Super Markets, and Glorious Food. Pending race and sex discrimination cases include Motel 6 LP, Dun & Bradstree and Smith Barney Inc.


New York Times - January 12, 1996

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