Employee Sues Revenue Authority for Sexual Harassment

Former human resources director of the Montgomery County Revenue Authority Geralyn Buell has filed a federal sexual harassment lawsuit against the authority’s board members and its executive director, Anthony M. Shore. Buell asserts that during her first six weeks on the job, Shore subjected her to repeated suggestive comments about her appearance and private life. After she complained to the board’s chair Joseph M. Mott, Shore retaliated by moving her desk to the hallway and refusing to talk or work with her. Other board members initially ignored the situation, then suggested the firing Buell. The board’s report on its decision to fire her did not even address her job performance. Mott resigned the board in protest over Buell’s dismissal. In the lawsuit, Buell asks for damages, back pay, and an order that the authority reinstate her.


The Washington Post - July 27, 1997

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