Erroneous Op-Ed Unfair to Women’s Rights Groups

On April 11, Marjorie Williams wrote a grossly inaccurate op-ed for the Washington Post entitled “This Kills Women, Do feminist groups even care?” implying women’s rights groups are unconcerned with the record high number of women smoking and dying from it. (See the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report Women & Smoking.) Williams speculates that the tobacco industry has bought women’s rights groups’ silence or that the feminist movement has an elite bias, neither of which is remotely true. The Feminist Majority Foundation, as well as the National Organization for Women, do not and have never accepted tobacco related funds, and are long-standing members of the National Coalition for Women Against Tobacco.

The Feminist Majority Foundation responded to William’s story with this letter to the editor.

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Washington Post - April 11, 2001 and Feminist Majority Foundation

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