Evidence of Rape in Kosovo

In various provinces in Kosovo, evidence of sexual assault and torture by the Serbian army during the war has been identified. Officials stated that, although there has not been concrete proof that rape camps existed, strong evidence is being collected and tested.

It has been reported that in former army camps, police stations, and individual houses, women have been detained or abducted and raped — some still missing. The Kosovo Liberation Army claimed they found condoms, women’s clothing, and pornographic magazines at the Hotel Karagac in Pec. At a home in Orahavoc, refugees discovered women’s blood-stained clothing, used condoms, and restraints that indicate incidences of sexual assault.

Presently, the materials found in these sites, as well as others, are being tested for solid proof that the Serbs committed rape and other sexual atrocities throughout Kosovo.

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Washington Post - June 27, 1999

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