Experts Discuss Link Between Breast Augmentation and Illness

A panel of independent experts gathered to discuss the link between breast augmentation and disease.

The 13-member panel includes immunologists, toxicologists, surgeons and oncologists who have been convened by the National Institute for Health to resolve the issue of breast implant safety.

Dr. Robert Meeks, chief toxicologist of the Dow Corning Corporation which recently paid $3.2 million to 170,000 women who claimed injury from the company’s implants, welcomed the Institute’s study. “It’s going to give not only the scientists but also the women with implants a chance to speak,” he said.

While some studies have failed to show a relationship between implants and disease, many women’s testimonies report that there is a link. When asked whether her patients have illnesses related to their implants, Dr. Lu-Jean Feng said, “Most of my patients report symptoms. The majority of their implants hurt; 71% had pain.”


The New York TImes - July 23, 1998

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