Extremist Anti-Abortionist Launches Internet Company

Neal Horsley, the anti-abortion extremist and architect of the notorious Nuremberg Files, has created his own Internet Service Provider and web-hosting company, WeChooseLife.Net. After being fired from his job as a web developer over “negative publicity,” he realized he “could appeal to abortion abolitionist people to convert from companies like AOL that aggressively support abortion,” Horsley said in Wired News.

According to Wired News, Horsley has signed up 100 dial-up customers and 15 hosting clients since launching the company last week. He plans to donate 25 percent of his proceeds to fund anti-abortion activities. In his overview statement on his company website, Horsley expresses his hope that WeChooseLife.Net will be a way to mobilize anti-abortion proponentsÑ”The We Choose Life Network is first and foremost the primary real-time political organizing machine of the Abortion Abolition Movement.”

Horsley’s new company enables him to have complete control over his sites and their contents, which have been a point of contention for other hosting companies. Besides the Nuremberg Files, which lists the home addresses of reproductive health clinic workers and names those who have been wounded or killed by extremist anti-abortionists, Horsley runs Abortioncams.com, which posts photos of women and workers entering and exiting clinics.


Wired News 7/30/02

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