Far Right, Neo-Nazis, Islamic Fundamentalists Forge Alliance

After September 11, the connections between the far right and Islamic fundamentalists are making themselves more apparent. According to the Washington Post, after the 9-11 terrorist attacks, writings by American William Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries, the book after which Timothy McVeigh modeled the Oklahoma City bombing, was found on the Hezbollah website. Pierce also announced on Radio Iran, “We have a common cause: getting the U.S. government off the back of the rest of the world and getting the Jews off the back of the U.S. governmentÉ.There is ground for joint action.”

Similarly, Ahmed Huber, director of the Swiss company Nada Management and a frequent speaker to neo-Nazi organizations in Europe and the United States, notes, “The alliance has come.” The U.S. Treasury Department has identified Nada Management as a “financial advisor” to al Qaeda. Huber has denied the allegation but admits to knowing al Qaeda operatives. According to the Washington Post, Huber has also indicated that he intends to “build a bridge between radical Muslims and what he calls the New Right in Europe and the United States.”

While the alliance of these seemingly disparate groups appears “unnatural” to U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) authorities, Alfred Schobert of the Information Service Against Right-Wing Extremism in Germany explains that “Some of them [Far Right, Neo-Nazi groups], particularly the grass roots, are traditional racists and they want to have nothing to do with MuslimsÉbut some of the leaders see potential in this.”


Washington Post, 4/29/02

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