Farm Worker Wins 1.9 Million Sexual Harassment Settlement

The EEOC announced Tuesday that lettuce producer Tanimura and Antle of Salinas will pay 1.9 million to settle a sexual harassment suit filed by a female employee.

Hispanic farm worker Blanca Alfaro alleged that two different managers told her that her job and benefits depended on her giving them sexual favors. These managers are also alleged to have threatened a male employee who tried the report the harassment.

Alfaro will receive a lump sum in addition to four years’ salary. The EEOC believes that other female Hispanic farm workers have also suffered harassment and has urged them to come forward. Employees who come forward with details of their harassment between March 31 and July 31 may be eligible to receive part of the recent settlement, which is the largest ever handled by the EEOC within the agricultural industry.

Two of the three employees charged with harassment are no longer employees of Tanimura and Antle and cannot be rehired in the future. The third received a written reprimand and must undergo counseling.


AP - February 24, 1999

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