FBI Affidavit Discloses Evidence Against Kopp

Authorities unveiled a May 1999 affidavit exposing evidence that the FBI used to charge James Charles Kopp with the 1998 murder of Dr. Barnett Slepian. Among the evidence was hair and fibers found on a baseball cap buried near Slepian’s home as well as on a tree on the Slepian property. DNA from these samples match DNA from a toothbrush used by Kopp. That toothbrush had been given to the FBI by one of Kopp’s acquaintances. The affidavit also details a map that Kopp may have used to locate the pawn shop in Tennessee where the murder weapon was purchased.

A 1993 letter is also mentioned in the affidavit. In this letter, Kopp writes that he had “done all the usual things, writing letters to politicians, letter to the editor, etc., etc.” But after “meeting with God,” Kopp vowed, “We’ll do more.”

On April 3, two of Kopp’s associates, Dennis Malvasi and Loretta Marra, were indicted on charges that they aided Kopp by helping him avoid arrest. Malvasi has previously been convicted of three clinic bombings in New York and has served a seven-year prison sentence. Marra was arrested at least three times with Kopp: in January of 1991 during a clinic blockade in Levittown, New York; in February 1990 in Vermont at an abortion protest; and in 1992 in Italy.

The Feminist Majority Foundation has the oldest and largest Clinic Access Project in the nation. We have called on law enforcement to continue to crack down on the organized network of extremists who have aided and abetted not only Kopp, but also others who commit violent crimes against abortion providers and facilities. The Kopp investigation must reach, expose, and convict the financial backers, supporters, and safe house sponsors who have assisted these terrorists.


Source: New York Times Ð April 4, 2001; Associated Press Ð April 4, 2001; Nando Media Ð April 4, 2001; Buffalo News Ð March 30, 2001; Feminist Majority Foundation

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