FBI Investigates Oklahoma Abortion Clinic Bombing

In light of the January 16th bombing of an Atlanta abortion clinic, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken over the investigation of the January 18th bombing of a clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On January 20, the FBI released a tape recording of a male caller who claimed responsonbility for two abortion clinic bombings last September in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The man said, “Yesterday, I firebombed your abortion clinic. Next time, I’ll blow it clean off the map. Me and my buddies are out to get you. You better tell your employees it’s going to get dangerous.” The FBI hopes the release will lead to the identification of the man’s voice. Abortion rights groups have condemned the bombings as acts of terrorism.

The Tulsa Reproductive Services Clinic was bombed on January 1, 1997 and again on January 19th. The abortion clinic, which offers a variety of family planning services, sustained minor damage and was closed for an afternoon after a bomb went off at the back of the clinic. No one was injured, and police do not yet have any suspects.

The bombing came three days after an Atlanta abortion clinic was bombed twice and a month after an abortion doctor in New Orleans was stabbed fifteen times around the neck, chest and shoulders by an anti-abortion extremist.


USA Today - January 21, 1997

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