FBI Releases Army of God Atlanta Bombings Letter

At a press conference held in Atlanta, Georgia, investigators of the Atlanta abortion clinic and lesbian and gay bar bombings have released an Army of God letter claiming responsibility for the bombings. The Federal Bureau of Investigation hopes that someone will recognize the writing style or wording of the letter and provide clues as to who committed the bombings. The letter was sent they day after the attack on the lesbian and gay bar in February. Members of the self-proclaimed Army of God took responsibility for the bombings in the letter and claimed that more bombings would occur. On January 16th, a family planning clinic in Atlanta was bombed, and, on February 21st, a lesbian and gay clubbed named the Otherside Lounge was bombed. At both sites, a second bomb was planted, it was designed to explode after law enforcement personnel arrived on the scene.


CNN Online - June 9, 1997

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