FBI Releases Sketches of Possible Atlanta Bombing Suspects

Leaders of the task force investigating the bombings of Atlanta Northside Family Planning Services clinic and the Otherside Lounge, a lesbian and gay night-club, held a press conference on June 9th to ask for the public’s help in locating possible suspects. The multi-agency task force released photographs of two men who were spotted at the abortion clinic the night before and the morning of the bombing. The agency also released parts of a letter, in which a group called The Army of God claimed responsibility for the bombings and promised that they would bomb more places. The investigators are certain that the people who wrote the letter committed the bombings because of details contained in the letter but not publicly available. They called special attention to phrases in the letter, which includes many grammatical and spelling mistakes, such as the reference to the Otherside Lounge as the “sodomite bar” and a statement that the abortion clinic bomb was “aimed at agents of the so-called Federal government, i.e. A.T.F. F.B.I. Marshall’s etc.” The letter also threatened to “wage total war on the ungodly communist regime in New York and your legislative bureaucratic lackey’s in Washington.”

If anyone has any information which could help the agency, or recognizes phrases in the letter or the men in the photographs, they should call 1-800-ATF-BOMB.


CNN On-line - June 10, 1997

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