FBI Reportedly to Interview Witness Linking Abortion Bombers to Olympic Bombing

The FBI has reportedly decided to interview an Atlanta architect who claims he recognizes a man connected with the Olympic bombing as one of three currently charged with bombing an abortion clinic in Spokane, Washington. The architect had earlier called the FBI twice to tell them of a man he saw wearing a backpack before the Olympic bombing; he also faxed the FBI’s Atlanta office a sketch of the man he saw on July 25th (the day after the bombing) and again on Dec. 10th. FBI agents never followed up on the calls or on the faxes. He then called The Spokesman-Review after he saw a television report on three men accused of bombing an abortion clinic. The architect could identify one of the men as the one he saw in Atlanta. An anonymous FBI official commented, “It’s moved to the No. 1 position down there in Atlanta, now, I’ll tell you that.”


The Nando Times - January 26, 1997

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