FDA Does Damage Control, Naming New Head of Women’s Health

Women’s groups reported in shock last week that Norris Alderson, PhD, a specialist in veterinary medicine, had been appointed to replace Susan Wood as acting director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Women’s Health. However, late on Friday, the FDA appeared to do some damage control, announcing the appointment of Theresa Toigo, who has a pharmacy degree and an MBA, to the post.

On Monday, FDA spokesperson Suzanne Trevino told The Washington Post that Alderson had never been appointed to the position, despite the fact that he had been listed as acting director on the official website for the Office of Women’s Health, a statement announcing his appointment had been sent to women’s groups, and he had been introduced to the office’s staff as the acting director. Nonetheless, “There was no official decision made until we announced Theresa Toigo’s appointment,” Trevino told The Post. (Her office has not returned calls from Ms. magazine.)


The Washington Post 9/20/05

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