FDA Okays Morning After Pill Procedure

In response to a call from women’s rights groups, the FDA has published the proper morning dosages for six brands of pills currently on the market. The FDA’s action is essentially of preapproval, pending the filing of the correct paperwork, for contraception manufacturers to advertise morning-after contraception. Commissioner of the FDA, David Kessler commented on the report, “The best-kept contraceptive secret is no longer a secret. Women should have the information that this regimen is available.” For years, European women have had contraception pills available in packages that contain the right does to take after unprotected sex in order to prevent pregnancy. U.S. manufacturers citing legal hurdles, however, have refused to sell the pills for “morning after” use and doctors have had trouble knowing what doses to prescribe for safe and effective use. Many women don’t even know that they can take regular birth control pills in concentrated amounts to avert an unwanted pregnancy.


The Washington Post - February 25, 1997

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