Featured Choices Action: Get Emergency Contraception on Campus, Over-the-Counter

The USC FMLA worked with the Campus Health Center to create a CD-ROM to publicize and educate students about Emergency Contraception. At the time, EC was just made available through the campus pharmacy but not advertised. The FMLA wanted to have better relations with health center and a number of FMLA members are peer health members, so members of the group met with the health center staff to start a dialogue. The Health Center Director told them about a CD-Rom they distribute for people with back problems and asked if there were any health issues that the FMLA could use to create for students. The group immediately thought of emergency contraception. The FMLA is still working with the Health Center to produce and distribute this CD-ROM about accessing and using EC on campus.

Have you organized events to promote emergency contraception access on campus? Post your action ideas or past Roe events on http://www.FeministCampus.org/event_home.asp.


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