Featured Choices Action: Roe v. Wade Events

Hosting a pro-choice film fest for Roe v. Wade? Inviting speakers to talk about abortion in the US? Share your ideas for more pro-choice activism for the 30th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

We are proud to feature the WINONA STATE UNIVERSITY (MN) events posted in the Choices Action Database. Feminists at WSU are working with Minnesota National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action Leage (MN ANARAL) to sponsor three events, including a talk with MN NARAL Executive Director, a performance of Paula Kamen’s play “Jane: Abortion and the Underground,” and a screening of “The Fragile Promise of Choice: Abortion in the United States Today.” Check out Paula Kamen’s special letter to FMLA and Femistcampus.org activists, www.FeministCampus.org/kamen.asp

The BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY FMLA will host a Rock for Choice concert on January 25th , and plans to raise awareness about the threats to abortion access and reproductive rights and have a rocking good time! Contact campusteam@feminist.org for more details.

Hundreds of FMLA activists from campuses across the country plan on meeting in DC for the FMF Never Go Back National Student Conference. See Campus News below for more details!

What are you doing for Roe? Login and post your action ideas or past Roe events, www.FeministCampus.org/event_home.asp


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