Federal Abortion Payments Prohibited by the Senate

The Senate voted 51-47 on Thursday to continue to forbid insurance coverage of federal workers’ abortions. This decision was included in the bill financing the Treasury Department’s $27.7 billion budget. This ban would not apply to women who are raped, sexually abused, or in danger of losing their lives due to a pregnancy.

The author of the bill, Sen. Mike Dewine, R-Ohio, commented that “73% of the cost of federal worker’s health plans come from taxpayers’ dollars and that abortions violate the conscience of many taxpayers” and federal dollars should not be used to pay for them.”

Opponents of the bill argue that federal employees would lose coverage that many privately employed workers have. In response to the proponents’ claims, Sen. Barbara Boxer noted that “If you can’t repeal her right to choose, take away her ability to pay for what is legal.”


Nando Times and AP - July 1, 1999

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