Federal Court Rules in Favor of Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, a Federal Court of Appeals ruled that Planned Parenthood could not be denied government funding under Medicaid regardless of whether or not the organization has clinics that offer abortions.

In the ruling, U.S. Circuit Judge Diane Sykes wrote, “The defunding law excludes Planned Parenthood from Medicaid for a reason unrelated to its fitness to provide medical services, violating its patients’ statutory right to obtain medical care from the qualified provider of their choice.”

According to the Huffington Post, “Planned Parenthood of Indiana receives about $3 million a year from the federal government and serves about 22,000 low-income patients.”

Last week, the Texas health and human services commissioner announced a plan to end the Texas Women’s Health Program if a federal appeals court allows Planned Parenthood to continue participating in the program. Additionally, a federal judge issued a temporary injunction that blocks an Arizona law prohibiting federal funding, through Medicaid, for health providers like Planned Parenthood who also perform abortion services.

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