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Federal Court Strikes Down Austin CPC Ordinance

A United States District Judge struck down a city ordinance in Austin, Texas that required Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) to post signage declaring that they do not offer medical care.

via Esparta Palma
via Esparta Palma

Judge Lee Yeakel ruled on Monday that the ordinance, approved by the Austin City Council in 2012 to provide clarity to potential clients unfamiliar with clinics in the area, is unconstitutionally vague and violates the centers’ guarantee of due process, reports the Austin American-Statesman. The CPCs now do not have to tell visitors that they do not provide actual medical care.

CPCs pose as comprehensive women’s health clinics and advertise under “abortion” and “family planning” services, but do not offer abortion services, contraception, or referrals. They often provide false information about abortion, birth control, and the effectiveness of condoms for the prevention of STIs and HIV. Ultimately, their tactics delay or intimidate women from receiving comprehensive medical care.

Media Resources: Austin American-Statesman 6/23/14; Feminist Majority Foundation Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics

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