Federal Inquiry into Dade County Halted; Miami PD Inquiry will Proceed

The U.S. Department of Justice has decided against proceeding with a federal civil rights probe into the Miami-Dade County Police. However, the Department will continue with its investigation of the municipal Miami Police Department and the allegations of racially motivated shootings that have prompted outrage in the African-American Miami community. Representative Carrie Meek expressed concern over the Department’s decision to investigate one agency and not the other, claiming that mistrust in the minority communities exists for both departments. The Coalition Against Police Brutality and Harassment noted that the County Police have shot and killed four suspects this year, three of whom were African-American men, and that misconduct is being alleged in each instance. Miami is still reeling over the indictment of 13 Miami PD officers who were involved in what was determined to be racially motivated fatal shootings of three African-American men. Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas stated that the Department of Justice’s decision gives further credibility to his desire to create a civilian oversight panel for both of the county’s police departments. Penelas’ proposal will be voted on in a countywide referendum this Fall.


Miami Herald; 06/01/02

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