Female Bank Robber Hits Again

As quoted in the San Francisco Examiner, “In another case of a woman breaking into a male-dominated occupation, a female has gone on a solo bank robbery spree in Marin County.” Novato Police Sgt. Jim Laveroni commented, “We sometimes see a female accomplice or a female waiting in the car, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a female bank robber.” The unidentified woman enters the banks alone, brandishes a handgun and demands money. She has hit three banks in Marin within the past week and is also believed to have robbed four banks earlier in 1996 in Sonoma County. Most witnesses agree that she is white, in her late twenties or early thirties, 5 foot 8 inches tall, weighing from 120 to 140 pounds with brown eyes and hair.

The FBI does not keep tabs of bank robberies by gender but noted that in the past five years, the number of women arrested nationwide for armed robbery has increased by three percent, while the overall amount has decreased by seven percent. A search of newspapers conducted by the Examiner found that two other solo, gun-brandishing female bank robberies occurred in the past five years: one in Cleveland in 1995 and one in Chicago in 1992


The San Francisco Examiner - January 3, 1997

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