Feminist Activist Murdered at Wesleyan University

Johanna Justin-Jinich, a student at Wesleyan University, was murdered Wednesday while working at a bookstore near campus. The alleged gunman in her murder, Stephen Morgan, turned himself in to police last night, according to the Hartford Courant. She reportedly met Morgan at a New York University summer program in 2007, during which she filed a harassment complaint against him with campus authorities, but did not press formal charges.

A dedicated feminist, Johanna was a founding member of the Feminist Majority Foundation’s affiliate group at Wesleyan and an active member of Wes Escorts, a group that protects women from angry anti-choice protesters outside of reproductive health clinics.

Staff on the FMF Feminist Campus team had the privilege of working with Johanna a few times earlier this year and were impressed by her passion and knowledge about global women’s health and rights.


Feminist Campus Blog 5/7/09; Hartford Courant 5/8/09

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